1. Offer and Acceptance

a. The contract shall be deemed to come into existence only on our agreement of the customers order, which is to include the terms and conditions of our offer and will be subject to satisfactory credit references.

2. Payment Terms

a. Mel Green Construction Ltd terms are strictly net cash payable 7 days from date of our invoice, unless otherwise clearly stated in our quotation.

b. For contracts lasting more than one month interim invoices will be rendered with payment due 7 days as stated above.

c. If any payment is in default of these terms we reserve the right to suspend our work on site, and any costs incurred shall be in addition to the contract.

d. Failure by the customer to make payment by the due date will entitle Mel Green Construction Ltd to charge customer interest on the amount unpaid at the rate of 3% per annum over the base lending rate of the HSBC Bank, the charge will be for full months not part thereof. The foregoing being without prejudice to any other right or remedy available to Mel Green Construction Ltd.

e. If a customer requires a credit account then this will only be made available when satisfactory credit references have been obtained. Normal payment terms for credit account holders will be 30 days from the end of the month when the work is carried out.

f. Where satisfactory credit references are not obtained we reserve the right to ask for either full payment or negotiable deposit in advance of work.

3. Measurement/Variations

a. Where stated, the quantities stated within our quotation are subject to re measurement on completion based on agreed measurements actually carried out. However, if the quantities are substantially reduced, Mel Green Construction Ltd at its own discretion may review the rates and charge them at a level appropriate to the reduced area.

b. Mel Green Construction Ltd quotation provides for one visit to the site during normal working hours unless otherwise expressly stated. Any variation to the number of visits will carry both mobilisation costs and fragmented working costs. Any variation to the works shall be agreed at the time the variation is ordered.

4. Retention

a. Mel Green Construction Ltd quotation is not inclusive of an allowance for retention. In the event that retention is agreed with the customer, these will be reduced to 50% of the agreed level at the point of substantial completion. The balance shall be released at the expiry of our Maintenance Period which will deem to be 12 months from the date of our final invoice.  

5. Operation

a. Where the specification is presented by the customer, there is not warranty, express or implied, that the specification is suitable for the conditions that may be encountered. Foundations prepared by others are subject to our agreement for line, level and depths. We do not accept responsibility for any subsidences or other damage that result from causes over which we have no control.

b. Unless otherwise stated in our quotation our rates are based on suitable and safe access being made available for our plant and equipment, and materials to the point of laying and work made available in unbroken areas, and in sufficient area to ensure daily continuity. Any additional costs arising from his clause shall be additionally charged.

c. Our quotation is submitted on the condition that the customer warrants and represents to Mel Green Construction Ltd that all necessary licences, permits or permissions required in connection with carrying out the works are the responsibility of the customer.

d. Our quotation is based upon a safe working environment being provided for our workforce and the public by means of Traffic Management schemes installed, maintained, repositioned and dismantled by the Main Contractor at his cost.

e. Our offer contains no allowance for the sampling and testing of bituminous coated products, nor for workmanship associated with end product specifications.  

6. Programme

a. Mel Green Construction require 3 weeks notification in order to programme plant and labour resources to carry out the works. Whilst we will make every endeavour to accommodate any changes to dates, we will not guarantee dates when alterations by the customer have taken place. Furthermore any dates can be affected by prevailing weather conditions, plant breakdown and supplying plant breakdowns, all of which are beyond our control and of which we do not accept any liability or cost.

b. In the event that the customer cancels or postpones the works and we are unable to find suitable alternative works for our planned recourses, then all costs including loss of profit incurred by ourselves will be passed onto the customer.

c. Liability cannot be accepted for delays or for the non-execution of the contract, either in whole or in part, due to causes wholly or in part beyond the control of Mel Green Construction Ltd.

7. Price

a. All quotations are fixed price for 60 days from the date of quotation. At the end of this period we reserve the right to vary the price based on any subsequent material, plant, labour increases.

8. VAT

a. All of our quotations are subject to VAT at the current rate.  

9. Weed Killing

a. Any weed killing is to be carried out by the customer well in advance of any works been carried out by Mel Green Construction Ltd. We accept no responsibility for any subsequent damage caused by weed growth.  

10. Joints

a. Visible construction joints in bitmac surfacing may be necessary depending on the size and duration of the site. The customer is deemed to accept that these joints are a necessary part of the work and Mel Green Construction accept no responsibility for any dissatisfaction by the customer for their presence.

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